Privacy Policy

iConsole+ (iConsole+ Co.;; is focused on making the iConsole+ service the safest and best possible experience for you and your end-users (“you”, “your”). We have great respect for people’s personal privacy, and we consider this a matter of great importance. In order to provide you with a useful service when you are purchasing our products or using our services; we need some data from you in order to do so; otherwise we cannot provide you with a useful product and service. Our commitment to you is that we will use our best efforts to ensure any information submitted to, or gathered by us; remains private, and is only used for the purposes set forth in this policy.

This page states the iConsole+ Privacy Policy (herein the “Policy”) and sets forth the collection, use, and disclosure practices that apply to the iConsole+ Website, iConsole+ Software, iConsole+ Services, and iConsole+ Products (herein “Services”). The Policy also incorporates by reference the iConsole+ Terms of Service for the iConsole+ Experience, which apply to this Policy. By purchasing or using the Experience; you explicitly accept, without limitation or qualification; the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information provided by you in the manner described in this Policy. Please read the Policy carefully as it affects your rights and liabilities. If you disagree with the way we collect and process personal information, please do not use the iConsole+ Experience.

What Information Do We Collect?

Information You Submit

When you request information, subscribe to or order a product or service, register as a user, respond to an online survey, or otherwise actively send us data; we may collect data including, but not limited to; your name, email address(es), mailing address(es), telephone number(s), and information related to the business you represent. If the product or service provided is something we charge for, we will also collect payment information; such as credit card numbers and related verification information, phone number, email address, and billing / shipping addresses; in order to process the order. In all of the above cases, you will know exactly what data we collect through the Site, because you actively submit it to us.

Information We Gather

As part of the standard operation of the Site, we may collect information from your computer or device; including but not limited to your browser type, device type, operating system, IP address, and the domain name from which you accessed the Site. Additionally, we may collect behavioral information about your use of the Site; this includes but is not limited to; the date and time you visit the Site, actions taken while accessing information on the Site, which areas or pages of the Site you visit or view, the amount of time you spend viewing the Site, the number of times you return to the Site, and other such analytics data. We may also collect similar data regarding your usage of our Services. We also may acquire personal information from third parties who provide it to us.

Information Obtained Through Other Sources

Due to the nature of our Services, information about you may be collected by a iConsole+ customer or other affiliated third party; and this information may be stored, transmitted, processed, or otherwise put into some form of use; using some or all elements of iConsole+’s Services or resources (such as servers and databases etc.). The collection and usage of such information occurs outside the control of iConsole+, and therefore we are not responsible for any privacy issues caused by a iConsole+ customer or otherwise affiliated third party. The third party in question is responsible for upholding and enforcing their own Privacy Policies, License Agreements, and Terms of Service. Please review our Terms of Use for more information.

How Do We Use the Information?

For the purposes of this policy, the terms “using” and “processing” of information includes; the use of cookies, analyzing information through various methods, other means of storage on a computer or mobile device, and also the collecting, storing, evaluating, modifying, deleting, using, combining, disclosing and transferring information; within our organization or among our subsidiaries within the European Union, the United States, or internationally.

Personal Information

We use Personal Information for only the following purposes: (1) to operate the Services, (2) account verification, (3) to fulfill product and services requests, (4) to improve and optimize the Services, (5) to personalize your experience, (6) responding to inquiries or providing support, (7) to provide software updates and product announcements, (8) to better understand your needs and interests, and (9) to provide you with further personalized information and offers from us that we believe you may find useful or interesting, based on your behavioral and declarative data, such as targeted advertising or promotional campaigns in iConsole+ and third-party channels (which is known as profiling).

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We may use Non-Personally Identifiable Information for the following purposes: (1) to analyze trends and usage of resources through aggregated data, (2) to improve the features and functionality of our Services, (3) to better understand your needs and interests, and (4) to better understand the needs and interests of End-Users. We may also share Non-Personally Identifiable Information from End-Users with our iConsole+ Account Holders, to allow them to provide more value to end-users, or to provide more insight into end-users. In this context, any information shared with Account Holders; will not contain or be linked to your Personal Information; unless you have given us your explicit consent or the end-user has given us their explicit consent. For example, a iConsole+ Account Holder may want to better understand how to create a compelling and non-intrusive experience for end-users, and iConsole+ may provide aggregated information to show examples of practices that worked well, and practices that did not work well.

Cookies and Other Technologies

A cookie is a small text file that may be stored on the hard drive of your computer or device when you access the Site. We may use cookies and/or other storage on your device to help us collect, maintain, and use this information, for the following purposes: (1) personalize your experience and provide you with customized content, (2) monitor Site and Account usage to better understand how you interact with our Services, (3) remember you when you return to the Site, and (4) conduct research to improve our content and services.
 You may refuse to accept cookies, but by doing so you may not be able to use certain features on the Site, or take full advantage of all of our offerings. All web browsers offer you some form of ability to manage your cookie preferences.

We also use web beacons (invisible images often referred to as pixel tags or clear GIFs) on our sites in order to recognize users, assess traffic patterns, identify preferred content and measure site engagement. We also include web beacons in our e-mail messages, including newsletters, in order to count how many e-mail messages have been opened.

We may also use a third party analytics partner, who may employ some form of software technology to help us better manage content on our Site; by informing us about what content is effective. The information gathered by third party analytics software is not tied to Personally Identifiable Information; however the use of cookies and other technologies by our partners and service providers is not covered by our privacy statement. We do not have access or control over these third party cookies and technologies.

Our Site also includes social media features, such as the Facebook “Like” button and Twitter “Tweet” button. These features may collect your IP address and page visits; and may set a cookie to enable their feature to function properly. Social media features are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our Site. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing it.

When Do We Share or Disclose Information?

We may disclose or share information collected from you and about you; to the following entities; for the following purposes: (1) to our service providers and suppliers, if such disclosure enables any of them to perform a business, professional, or technical support function for us, for example to process payments, (2) as necessary if we believe that there has been a policy violation such as those published on our site, or some violation of terms you signed, or some other violation of our rights or the rights of any third party, (3) to respond to judicial process and provide information to law enforcement agencies, or in connection with an investigation on matters related to public safety, as permitted by or otherwise required by law, and (4) otherwise with your consent. Additionally in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of our company or our assets, or in the event of our bankruptcy; your personal information may be one of the transferred or acquired assets. We may also share your personal information where you have granted us permission to do so, and we reserve the right to use and disclose any information collected via the Site that is not in a Personally Identifiable form.

How Can I Update or Delete My Personal Information?

You may review, update, correct, or delete any Personal Information in your iConsole+ Account by contacting us, or by making the appropriate modifications in your Account profile or preferences. If you completely delete all such information, then your account may become deactivated. If you would like us to delete your Account and/or remove your records from our systems, please contact us and we will delete your account and your Personal Information within 30 days if we do not have any legal obligation to retain the record.

How Can I Delete My Account and Personal Information in the APP?

Please follow the steps: (1) Login account (2) Go to the membership page (3) Press the “Delete Account” (4) Press the "Confirm" to delete account (5) Press the "OK" to confirm the account has been deleted.

Is My Information Secure?

Security is of paramount importance to us, and we work hard to ensure that our Site and Services are as secure as is possible. We have taken certain physical, electronic, contractual, and managerial steps to safeguard and secure the information we collect from Site visitors and Service users. However no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is ever 100% secure; therefore while we endeavor to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. If you register on our Site or use our Services, it is your responsibility to protect the security of your Account, and any end-users you are providing services to through our Services and your Account.

International Transfer

Your information may be transferred to, maintained on, and processed; on computers located outside of your country, or other governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction. We have taken reasonable measure to ensure compliance with the privacy laws of the United States of America and the European Union, and will take further reasonable measures to maintain and/or improve compliance in the future. The protections given to you by this Privacy Policy still apply. Your submission of any such information discussed in this policy, represents your agreement to that transfer.

Links, and Third Party Sites and Services

The Site may contain links to Third Party Websites, and some Third Parties may use our Services to provide services to end-users. Third Parties may have privacy policies that differ from our own, and we are not responsible for the activities and practices that take place on these sites; or any services provided through our Services. We therefore encourage you to review the privacy policy posted on the Third Party Website; should you access them through the Site, or through our Services. The fact that we may link to or incorporate a third party’s services, functionality, or website; or present some type of advertisement; is not an endorsement, authorization, or representation of our affiliation with that third party; nor is it an endorsement of their privacy or information security policies or practices. We do not exercise control over Third Party Websites, or any third party services provided through our Services; including their use of personal information. Our Privacy Policy only applies to our Site and Services, and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other websites, or third party services provided through our Services.


Do Not Track

We do not currently use a mechanism to act upon “Do Not Track” instructions. We are however investigating such mechanisms.

Information Retention

We will retain your information for as long as your Account is active, or as is needed to provide you with our Services. We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. Additionally we will delete information after it is no longer useful for providing our Services.

Children’s Information

The Site and our Services are not directed to children under the age of 13, nor do we knowingly collect any personal information from them.

Policy Agreement

By using any part of the Site or our Services, you agree to the current Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to which this Privacy Policy is incorporated.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to make change this privacy policy from time to time at our sole discretion. When we do, we will post the change(s) on our website.


iConsole +(iConsole +公司;;致力于使iConsole +服务成为您和您的最终用户(“您”,“您的”)最安全,最佳的体验。我们非常尊重人们的个人隐私,我们认为这是非常重要的事情。为了在您购买我们的产品或使用我们的服务时为您提供有用的服务;我们需要您提供一些数据;否则,我们将无法为您提供有用的产品和服务。我们对您的承诺是,我们将尽最大努力确保向我们提交或收集的任何信息;仍然是私人的,仅用于本政策中规定的目的。

该页面陈述了iConsole +隐私政策(以下简称“政策”),并阐述了适用于iConsole +网站,iConsole +软件,iConsole +服务和iConsole +产品(以下称为“服务”)的收集,使用和披露做法。该政策还通过引用并入了适用于本政策的iConsole +体验的iConsole +服务条款。通过购买或使用体验;您明确接受但不限于或没有资格;以本政策中所述的方式收集,使用和披露您提供的个人信息。请仔细阅读本政策,因为它会影响您的权利和义务。如果您不同意我们收集和处理个人信息的方式,请不要使用iConsole +体验。







由于我们服务的性质,有关您的信息可能由iConsole +客户或其他关联第三方收集;并且该信息可以存储,传输,处理或以其他形式使用;使用iConsole +服务或资源的某些或全部元素(例如服务器和数据库等)。此类信息的收集和使用发生在iConsole +的控制范围之外,因此,对于因iConsole +客户或其他关联第三方引起的任何隐私问题,我们概不负责。有问题的第三方负责维护和执行他们自己的隐私政策,许可协议和服务条款。请查看我们的使用条款以获取更多信息。




我们仅将个人信息用于以下目的:(1)操作服务,(2)帐户验证,(3)满足产品和服务要求,(4)改善和优化服务,(5)个性化您的经验,(6)响应查询或提供支持,(7)提供软件更新和产品公告,(8)更好地了解您的需求和兴趣,以及(9)为您提供进一步的个性化信息和我们的报价,我们相信,根据您的行为和陈述性数据(例如在iConsole +和第三方渠道中进行的定向广告或促销活动),您可能会发现有用或有趣的信息(称为分析),(10)为识别您的设备预防恶意程序及反作弊、提高服务安全性、保障运营质量及效率,我们会收集您的设备信息(包括IMEI、设备序列号, OAID MEID Android ID,IMSI, GUIDMAC地址、SIM卡序列号)、已安装APP信息或运行中的进程信息。(11)为实现垃圾清理与运行加速功能,我们将请求您的存储权限获取外置存储信息(SD卡数据),用以检查手机CPU、内存和SD卡情况。(12)当你播放视频等内容时,为了适配你的设备状态,我们会调用设备的重力、加速度等传感器信息,以识别你的设备横竖屏状态。(13)在你分享或接收被分享的信息时,需要在本地访问你的剪切板,读取其中包含的口令、分享码、链接,以实现跳转、分享、活动联动等功能或服务。








为保障您正常使用我们的服务,维护游戏基础功能的正常运行,根据您的设备终端和网络状态优化本游戏产品性能,提升您的游戏体验并保障您的账号安全,我们会收集您的设备名称、设备类型、设备型号和版本、操作系统、系统属性、IP地址、运营商信息、Wi-Fi状态/参数,设备识别符(如IMEI、IMSI、MAC地址、Android ID、硬件序列号)WLAN接入点(如SSID,BSSID)、蓝牙MAC、应用ID、网络类型、传感器信息等信息。请注意,单独的传感器信息不属于个人信息,我们也不会将传感器信息用于其他用途。

为了保障软件与服务的安全运行、运营的质量及效率,我们会收集你的设备的硬件型号、操作系统版本号、设备标识符(Android如IMEI、AndroidID、OAID、IMSI、ICCID、MEID、硬件序列号)、网络设备硬件地址(MAC地址)、蓝牙MAC、BSSID、IP 地址、WLAN接入点(如SSID,BSSID)、蓝牙(Bluetooth)、基站、软件版本号、网络接入方式、类型、状态、网络质量数据、操作、使用、服务日志、设备传感器数据。

为识别您的设备ID并预防恶意程序及反作弊、提高服务安全性、保障运营质量及效率,我们会收集您的设备信息(包括IMEI、MEID、Android ID、IMSI、GUID、MAC地址、BSSID)、WLAN接入点(如SSID,BSSID)、蓝牙MAC、您安装的应用信息或运行中的进程信息。







产品安全保障功能:为了保障您的账号安全和系统安全,我们需要获取您的设备MAC地址、IMSI、Android ID、IP地址、硬件型号、操作系统版本号、唯一设备标识符(IMEI等)、网络设备硬件地址(MAC)、软件版本号、网络接入方式、类型、状态、网络质量数据、操作日志、硬件序列号、服务日志信息,收集运行中的进程,已安装应用列表等行为。

为了保障软件与服务的安全运行、运营的质量及效率,我们会收集你的硬件型号、操作系统版本号、设备标识符;不同的标识符在有效期、是否可由用户重置以及获取方式方面会有所不同)、网络设备硬件地址(MAC地址)、硬件序列号、IP 地址、WLAN接入点(如SSID,BSSID)、蓝牙(Bluetooth)、基站、软件版本号、网络接入方式、类型、状态、网络质量数据、操作、使用、服务日志信息等数据。

在您注册/登录账户时,您需要提供 手机号码及验证码 ,使用App服务时,您需提供 手机号码 作为账户登录名,登录时我们还需要收集您的 硬件序列号、唯一设备识别码(android_id、Mac地址、IMEI、IMSI,SIM序列号) 以验证账号及密码并完成登录;如您拒绝提供 手机号码、验证码及密码 个人信息,则可能无法成功注册/登录App账户。



在您注册/登录账户时,您需要提供 手机号码及验证码 ,使用App服务时,您需提供 手机号码 作为账户登录名,登录时我们还需要收集您的 硬件序列号、唯一设备识别码(android_id、Mac地址、IMEI、IMSI,SIM卡序列号(ICCID)) 以验证账号及密码并完成登录;如您拒绝提供 手机号码、验证码及密码 个人信息,则可能无法成功注册/登录App账户。



收集个人信息类型: 个人常用设备信息(MAC地址、AndroidID、MEID、OAID、ICCID)、位置信息、网络信息、基站ID数据信息、传感器信息








在您首次使用打开App时,我们将在取得您的授权后,接收并记录您所使用的设备相关信息,包括设备属性信息(包括 IMEI、OAID、设备序列号、Android_Id、msa(oaid lib)、mac地址、系统版本、运营商、手机品牌、手机型号、Idfa、idfv、屏幕尺寸、设备版本)、设备连接信息(IP地址、电信运营商、访问日期和时间),以验证用户所使用设备是否是合法设备,进行安全校验 ,以保障您的账户及交易安全;









本地存储权限: 在使用拍照功能需要获取存储权限,方便拍照更换头像的时方便存储照片。





为了向您提供组织机构注册地址地理位置服务,提升我们的服务表现、效率和功能,经您授权我们会收集您在使用我们服务过程中产生的位置信息。当您通过系统授权开启移动设备的定位功能并使用基于位置提供的服务时,我们会收集和使用您的位置信息以便为您规划到达组织机构注册地址所在位置的路线。我们会使用有关技术获取您的位置信息(准确度会有所不同),这些技术包括 IP 地址、GPS。您可以在移动设备的系统中关闭定位服务停止我们对您所在位置信息的收集,但可能因此无法使用我们基于地理位置为您提供的服务,或者无法达到相关服务的预期效果。





产品安全保障功能:为了保障您的账号安全和系统安全,我们需要获取您的设备MAC地址、IMSI、Android ID、IP地址、硬件型号、操作系统版本号、唯一设备标识符(IMEI等)、网络设备硬件地址(MAC)、软件版本号、网络接入方式、类型、状态、网络质量数据、操作日志、硬件序列号、服务日志信息,收集运行中的进程,已安装应用列表等行为。

为了保障软件与服务的安全运行、运营的质量及效率,我们会收集你的硬件型号、操作系统版本号、设备标识符(Android如IMEI、AndroidID、OAID、IMSI、ICCID、GAID、MEID,iOS如IDFV、IDFA;不同的标识符在有效期、是否可由用户重置以及获取方式方面会有所不同)、网络设备硬件地址(MAC地址)、硬件序列号、IP 地址、WLAN接入点(如SSID,BSSID)、蓝牙(Bluetooth)、基站、软件版本号、网络接入方式、类型、状态、网络质量数据、操作、使用、服务日志、传感器信息等数据。



我们可能出于以下目的使用非个人身份信息:(1)通过汇总数据分析趋势和资源使用情况;(2)改善我们服务的功能和特性;(3)更好地了解您的需求和兴趣,以及(4)更好地了解最终用户的需求和兴趣。我们还可能与我们的iConsole +帐户持有人共享最终用户的非个人身份信息,以使他们能够为最终用户提供更多价值,或为最终用户提供更多见解。在这种情况下,与帐户持有人共享的任何信息;不会包含或链接到您的个人信息;除非您已明确同意我们或最终用户已明确同意我们。例如,









您可以通过与我们联系,或者在您的帐户资料或首选项中进行适当的修改来查看,更新,更正或删除您的iConsole +帐户中任何个人信息。如果您完全删除所有此类信息,则您的帐户可能会被停用。如果您希望我们删除您的帐户和/或从我们的系统中删除您的记录,请与我们联系,如果我们没有任何法律义务保留记录,我们将在30天内删除您的帐户和您的个人信息。


请依照下面的步骤: (1)登入帐号 (2)开启会员页面 (3)按下注销帐号的按钮 (4)选择残忍的注销 (5)确认帐号已被删除









收集个人信息类型: 个人常用设备信息(MAC地址、AndroidID、MEID、OAID、ICCID)、位置信息、网络信息、基站ID数据信息、传感器信息




收集个人信息目的: 为地图初始化定位